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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> we have had a fatal accident on the san mateo bridge and the westbound direction. we're hearing multiple cars were involved. this accident happened around 330 this morning. yoli as of this is live at the scene of the accident >> about 10 minutes ago the coroner's office wrapped up their part of the investigation. a few minutes after that the two cars that were in a bit involved in this fatality were towed away. chp met their target time. they said by 6:00 they would have this clear and sure enough that is what they have. all three lanes are open, of the far right lake was closed down. at this point all three lanes are open. ec traffic as a little slow, that may be a
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combination of the bottleneck from a few minutes ago. it is still trying to clear up. part of it is just it's a morning commute, it is just starting. it seems to be moving along now >> they said they thought they would have the same clean up by 610 at 6:00 it is clear. robin tracking the slowdown on the salmon sale bridge >> as you deserve from our reporter on the scene all lanes are open on the dumbarton bridge. good news for commuters. drive times have only increased by two minutes. you are doing just fine as you work your way out of the work force foster city. we have residual slowing along the high-rise section headed for the decline were the accident was blocking just south of the stop high-rise. traffic is still getting by, here's a live look from the toll plaza. you can see the approach is slow but it is starting to pick up, that is
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good news. if you plan on using the san mateo bridge give yourself extra time. no need to hop over to the down the garden. there is no special traffic alert and place for this accident. >> heading over to me a valley where we are watching the high tide expected to roll in later this morning. yesterday it flooded and the park and ride there. jackie sissel is keeping an eye on conditions this morning, i love the sign. subject to flooding. >> i was going to say if it's almost a certainty that you will see flooding out here. during the summer months we see flooding in this area of when we get high tides. this is the high tide of the entire year, today. yesterday we saw the first of the king tides role and. yesterday was 7.1, today is opposed to be 7.2 at 10 of 34. this will be of
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the golden gate bridge. they have warning signs out here. take a look at what a look like yesterday out here, it will be worse today. yesterday's about 3 ft. of sand and water in the parking ride. it was so bad they'd close the long run off route 21 01. we expect to see much of the same today. it is supposed to go on for the next two days. 10:34 a.m. is one we expect to see the high tide. probably the two hours after the fact we will see the flooding out here. people have been warned, they have changeable signs out here. people are parked out here. they are little higher up but you do notice all the debris stacked up in front these cars out here. the water level reached and to
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that level yesterday and i'm not sure about today. these folks are either going have to move or they will come back to a couple of cars in their back seats. --carp >> some people that have park their yesterday had no idea that they park and ride was flooded. it was and see when they got there and when they return. >> you're right, out there if you look right now there is no water. we are a quarter mile away from the bay which is that way. i think it is below sea level where we're at right now. it does not take much in a way of a high tide for it to fly out here. once again they like you had yesterday and like we're going have today water will rush into this area. >> highest tide of the year is something we're following this morning. >> i'm surprised the water
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is not frozen, it is so cold >> you are right in fact we are in the upper 20s is some of our valleys. not out is at the freezing mark, 34 for napa and vallejo. low forties for at oakland. looking at your day planner for the most part sunny skies into the afternoon. it will be a silly one. temperatures only climb into the mid '50s. the cold arctic air from the gulf of alaska is sticking around in the bay area. heading into tomorrow we have the possibility for some light rain. light winds are certainly a possibility as well. as we head into the weekend keep your umbrella out. more rain headed to the bay area saturday and sunday. i'm tracking all of the rain coming up and my next report. >> 6 of 5:00 a.m. and after years of legal wrangling and open and a powerful outside compliance director is set
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to oversee the oakland police department. a federal judge signed off on the plan yesterday. the compliance director will have the power to demote or fire the police chief as well as that an action plan for carrying out some reforms. they will regard the use of force an alleged racial profiling. the compliance director's power to impose discipline is limited to the command staff of the police apartment. the director also have to get approval from a judge to spend money. recommendations for the cat is for the physician must be submitted by december 21st of the judge. oakland police are stopping 75% fewer drivers and pedestrians this year than they did three years ago. the sharp drop in in force and comes at the same time as a spike in crime and one of california's most dangerous cities. all the officers may more than 68,000 police stops in both 2008 and 2009. there were about 49,000 stocks and 2010 and 25,000 last year. there
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november of this year that been 14,400 stops. this means oakland police are on track to make just more than 15,700 stops this year. this is as you can see quite the decline. >> governor jerry brown is being treated for crop prostate cancer. the governor's office released a statement confirming his condition yesterday. the 74 year-old is undergoing radiation treatment. doctors at the university of california campu in its early stages and is being treated with a short course of a conventional radio therapy. governor brown's doctors call his prognosis excellent. >> a while they'll wall street yesterday with a dollop of over 80 points in early trading before a 100 points went to the negative. the dow finished down just three points. the dow broke its five day winning streak. weekly jobless claims fell sharply while retail sales rose in november and a sign
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that steady job creation is adding momentum to consumer spending in the fourth quarter. producers of prices also fell because of a drop in fuel costs. everyone still talking of the big fed announcement, the federal reserve will continue to pump 85 billion a month into the u.s. economy by buying u.s. treasuries in mortgage- backed securities. by this time the fed tied their policies to and numbers same they will continue to keep the federal fund rate rate near 0 it until the u.s. unemployment rate falls below 6.5 percent right now it's at 7.7%. we will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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amonte of this morning google maps will be returning to the iphone. the world's most popular on my map systems has returned with the release of the global maps iphone. the new act comes almost three months after apple replace the will maps as the phones built and navigation system. many iphone users have been avoiding the latest iphone software upgrade in order to keep the original google maps app. the new dewlap at stinks'. it is not nearly as good as the original app
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>> i am lost. >> gone are those days. >> of hong repossess and injured a nine month high in november even as the number of homes started on the path to foreclosure declined to the lowest level in six years. reality checks and bags completed foreclosure over 59,000 homes last month. that's an increase 11% from october and up from 5 percent november last year. the number of homes entering foreclosure process is oakland for closers starts sank to about 77,500. that's the lowest number of foreclosures since december 2006. we will be back in a
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few minutes.
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i am on the good news, all lanes open no major delays against the bridge. the bay bridge is a different story. we have a full weight at the toll plaza, of cash lanes as well as the fasttrack lanes are backed up. it extends into the 880 over crossing but not quite stretching into the oakland maze. it is of extra time out of oakland as you work your way into san francisco. the golden gate bridge is doing just fine, no major trouble spots. in the east bay we have a trouble spot in oakland. a new injury
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accident westbound 580 high street. i can't crash involving a car and a pedestrian. i will keep an eye on this accident for you. for now let's go outside and get a check on your weather >> mainly clear skies around the bay area right now and and is a cold one as we start off the morning. 344 and napa a degree warmer and vallejo. some of are protected interior valleys are actually hovering below the freezing mark. do not be surprised if you encounter frost on your car. we will continue a very cool conditions into the afternoon. the arctic air from the gulf of alaska is sticking around. by 2:00 p.m. everyone is in the '50s. later on tonight your temperatures will drop into the 40's. here is our afternoon highs 37 for oakland 53 for napa and vallejo. satellite and radar
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shows we will be dry throughout the fourth course of today. another system cold front will drop through. not allow moisture is associated with this system, maybe a 10th of its of rain for most of the bay area. this'll be a quick mover. the rain chances returns saturday afternoon on sunday morning. temperatures will be a few degrees warmer and and and lows will be in the upper 30's. the possibility for showers continues he and as we start the next work week. >> then the span of the bay bridge is leaving caltrans into the middle of a pr debacle. a multimillion- dollar contract for the pr firm has created controversy after the details of come out about what the money is that they have to pay for this good publicity. , now it's bad publicity. mike pelton
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>> promoting the span of the new bridge opening that will open next year. it is a $10 million contract which would go towards the doors, video and commemorative book. thousands of dollars coming and on cold tires dimes. the overseeing of the kind caltrans cancelled the deal. it was the progress of advisor which should not have happened due to the size of the contractor. it is supposed to be approved by high-ranking officials. they canceled the contract and it is unclear at this point what they are going to do going forward. we do plan to reach out to caltrans official out here this morning. all indications are that any new contracts would
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come in with a cheaper price tag and the san million $1. >> i think kron4 rather than being the bay area's new station would be the bay bridge news station. 10 million bucks? are you kidding me? how do that now, no approval needed. >> investigation underway this morning after a car was struck by an amtrak train and emmitt and rebuild. there are pictures of the accident here. the driver of the car apparently became stuck on the tracks causing the crash. the driver abandoned his vehicle prior to the collision and as i was unable to stop in time before colliding with the occupied vehicle. this all happened around 6:00 yesterday evening at the intersection of salman and 67th streets. >> new information this morning on the deadly mall shooting near portland oregon. the masked gunmen who opened fire 22 year-old
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jacob tyler roberts appears that acted alone and a random rampage. he recently quit his job, sold all his belongings and told friends he was moving to light. here's video from the scene. we also learned that roberts used a semi-automatic rifle that he stole the day before the shooting from someone he knew. he killed two people and wounded a third before he took his own life. investors raiders say robert's had no significant criminal history. police have arrested >> police have arrested three people in connection with the fatal stabbing a 17 year-old former football star at justice afoa. apollo was stabbed to death and two years ago near the intersection of cedar boulevard and first street in new york. it was a defensive lineman and work memorial high school. nor police and arrested 19 year- old daniela guzman, 31 year- old daniel howard and 32
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year-old rafael tow bar on suspicion of murder. police say investigators obtained confessions from two of the suspects to a knowledge of fallout was their intended target. >> we saw some really cold temperatures this morning and concord was in the upper 30's. not know was that the 32 degree mark. it is definitely a chilly start this morning. you won't take my life.
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emma and the this morning security firm mcafee on thursday released a report warning that a mass of cyber attacks on 30 u.s. banks has been planned, with the goal of stealing millions of dollars from consumers' bank accounts. a gang of cyber criminals had developed a sophisticated trojan and at funneling money out of bank accounts from chase citibank wells fargo and paid out as well as dozens of other large bank. known as project blitzkrieg the plan has been successfully tested on at least 308 big bank accounts in the u.s. and the crime ring had plans to launch its atta force in the spring of 2013. the big banks are commenting but reportedly working to minimize the threat. >> internet software anti virus pioneered john mcafee is back in the united states this morning. back of your ride in miami last night
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after being held an immigration detention and guatemala. here's video of him talking to some other reporters shortly after he landed. the 67 year-old had been hiding for weeks in guatemala because authorities in police were seeking to question him about the killing of his neighbor. mcafee insisted he had nothing to do with his neighbors death and he says he was seeking asylum in guatemala to avoid police persecution. >> the number of people getting background checks to buy a gun has nearly doubled in the past decade. advocates on both sides of the gun rights debate disagree over what is driving the trend. the rights groups attribute the steady increase to the growing popularity of hunting and other gun related uses and concerns that the obama administration will push for laws restricting weapons purchases. gun-control advocates say existing gun owners are responsible for most new purchases. basic concerns about new control new gun-control laws are part of a marketing ploy to keep firearms moving. >> we are waiting for the king tide to a rise and
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waitinarrived. let's take a peek at the new york stock exchange as everyone is getting ready for the opening bell at 630. we will be back.
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>> another bay area company going public today. two brothers that started the company bringing in their initial offering of high fives all around. there was a surprising number in the drop of americans filing for unemployment last week. we will be watching wall street. people are getting wealthy here in san mateo. solar city going public. >> of good to know someone is doing well. traffic is
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doing well >> that's right our hot spot is clear on the san mateo bridge. there was a fatal accident, they have the right lane black for about two and half hours. take a look at this shot here. we have heavier traffic headed towards foster city. it did not cause a major backup. it is getting a little crowded because we have more cars on the road. the drive time is still 14 minutes out of hayward as you work your way out george foster city. nothing to worry about, traffic is getting by. this is normal traffic this is all around the 7:00 hour. traffic maps show an injury accident working in oakland at the 580 west at high street. the off ramp is closed. there's a a an accident involving a pedestrian. traffic on 580
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is getting by without a delay but we will keep you updated on that commute for 50 highway 580. >> it is a cold start to the morning especially in the north bay. it is right around freezing for fairfield and about. 44 in downtown san francisco. the day planner shows mainly sunny skies and to the afternoon. cool air sticks around your afternoon highs are only climbing into the 50s. and tonight cloudy conditions and calm winds and the forecast. tomorrow some rain will start to approach. where is it going to hit? i will answer your question coming up in my next report. >> what is at high tide going to hit? we're going to live to jackie sissel and mill valley. it flooded yesterday in a parking lot the we're waiting for the king tide. >> i was going to say it
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hasn't even dried out from yesterday's high tide. we're just a couple hours of from it happening again. that is one of one right there. you can see they have signs up warning people not to park there. they have a huge change though message it signed warning people that the flood is coming. this is what it looked like yesterday due to a king tide. yesterday the tide was at 7.1 and today is close to be the highest tide of the entire year at 7.2. giving you a point of reference, last week at the same time the high tide was 5.2. you can see how much more water we're dealing with out here. all the low-lying areas around the bay and ocean and are expecting some flooding. this is almost below sea level out here. in june you
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can come out here and find standing water. when you get the highest tide of the year, that is a danger. they have the messages out warning people but there is so lots of cars and a parking lot. their parking right on top of the debris from yesterday's so they are obviously not learning their lessons. >> look at all of the spot! it is perfectly good, lucky day! >> right (laughter) >> 495 people accused of bounding and gagging a man, three assessed at 7 charged with murder and the other two have been charged with conspiracy and
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steven reed had arrived i830 ase suspects in custody are accused of shooting read and the neck before dumping the two victims on the street. the female victim remains at the hospital and the x is expected to survive. san jose is actively searching for mo >> staffing of the stand was a police department is the lowest it has ever been. that is the 10th largest city in the united states. the folks out there are
6:36 am
intent on committing crimes, they hear all this and get in bold and and there's some sort of brazen is that they commit these crimes in broad daylight. san jose is actively searching for >> san jose is actively searching for more officers and the police chief. officials say is a good idea to get to know each other and report anything suspicious and so the police stabbing is in place. >> broadway town of 100 mi. per hour in a limbo, this is video of what happened back in september. there are also reports that he and his friends were drunk during the is a joy ride. this post has since been removed from carl tee's page. the
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severance of the police department is in this is investigating this incident. >> of the fed said yesterday it plans to keep on buying $45 billion in treasuries and $45 billion in mortgage- backed securities each month. concerns over the fiscal cliff has prompted them to keep the rate low. we're taking a break at 6:36 a.m. and here is the approach the bay bridge word traffic is backed up just a little bit as you head towards a toll plaza. otherwise, relatively clear skies what really really cold. more on your forecast and commute in a moment.
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>> american airlines is changing the way it charges passengers to fly. the airline says it will charge 68 to $88 more per round trip for economy class passengers who want to check baggage or change their reservation later without getting hit by and other feed. american says this will eliminate fears about what ifs. the airline will still sell a basic fare without the protection against at on fees. the new tickets can be purchased online and through travel agents nationwide. >> they are looking out for us daria the largest complaint of loud commercials. starting today blaring commercial letter much louder than the show you are watching our band. the federal
6:42 am
communications commission bar the practice saying ads must maintain the same average volume as the programs they accompany. allowed commercial that have been a leading source of complaints to the sec said its consumer calls that are began reporting top complaints in 2002. >> the irs plans to stay open around the clock in the days before christmas. the following this following macy's announcing its plans to stay open 247 leading up to christmas. this is the third straight year toys r us stories stores will remain open from 6:00 a.m. on december 21st until 10:00 p.m. on christmas eve. there store at and times square in new york city which is seen as video has been open 247 since december 2nd. >> there are so many floors and they have a ferris wheel that you can ride. isn't
6:43 am
that crazy!? taking a live look from our roof and van ness avenue at looks pretty clear. it is so cold out, freezing in some places. 32 degrees and some parts of the bay this morning. we will tell you where and your city. the place to be is right here on new year's eve with kron4. giants on new year's eve december 31st at 1130.
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>> it is 645 right now and the top stories that we're following a fatal accident on the stem the sale bridge this morning has been cleared. it happened around 330 and the morning. the victim was an adult woman. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. you can see live that was on 92 seems to be moving.
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governor jerry brown is being treated for prostate cancer. the 74 year-old is undergoing radiation treatment. doctors at ucsf say the cancer is in its early stages and that his ride buses is excellent. san francisco bay and nearby beaches will experience a high tide of the year today. this is video yesterday in mill valley. the condition is called king tides and it will peak this morning at 1033. the tide is expected to reach 7.2 ft. at the golden gate bridge. >> watching wall street with rob black. the dow down 14 despite the numbers we had coming out this morning. >> i thought we would be at today based on that news. cbs is a large provider as prescription drugs and they.
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the number one at is the iphone 5 is google google maps. google maps is being released into apple's system. dole's stock climbed higher due to bad news. >> it is not that good. it's better than the apple maps but that was just horrible. >> i used will maps on my goal android every single day. >> we have retail sales numbers up and the number of home foreclosures and no. it is down. >> demand for automobiles, it's nice to see a holiday shoppers are snapping up close. retail sales of automobiles was a flat. retail sales of a control group was about five tenths of a percent. last week's
6:49 am
number for unemployment were heavily skewed because of the early closer towards thanksgiving. >> that is a pretty good sign. >> it is nice to see. >> the opening bell, and eeight arab company bay area co >> first seller was named one of the worst stocks to own. i tend not to like the ipos in the first year. you can take a look at it six to 12 months down the road.
6:50 am
>> turning our attention to weather and traffic, we will begin with the weather. erica is falling cold temperatures this morning. 30 degree weather? >> yes for most of the north bay. is really cold. temperatures are below freezing for some of our interior valleys. looks like downtown san francisco is coming in at 45 degrees. not too bad of a start their but future cast four shows we will continue to see cooler temperatures by 2:00 p.m.. all the the blue indicates temperatures and the '50s. the air is residual from the gulf of alaska associate with the cold for that pastor yesterday. 7:00 p.m. tonight it looks like purple on your screen indicates most locations sitting in the 40's. breaking down afternoon highs mainly sunny skies but it will be another chilly one on tap palo alto at 56 degrees. 55 per mt. view and
6:51 am
sunnyvale. the east bay, check out fairfield 53, 54 for san leandro. the north bay low 50s here 55 in berkeley and san bruno is coming in at 53 degrees. satellite and radar shows we will remain dry for the rest of today. tomorrow it is where we will pick up the chance for showers. heading into the weekend saturday into sunday expect some rain from most of the bay area. it looks like we will continue with that chance as we start the next work week. that is a look at local conditions in the bay area. now the snowbound got, ski report tahoe has a base of 20 to 69 in.. they have 10 in. of new snow in the past 24 hours. norstar a base of 16 to 24 in. at squaw valley 4 in. of new snow with the base of four to 68 in.
6:52 am
>> heading back covers of our hot spot at the san mateo bridge. we had a fatal exit and blocking the right lane after the high- rise closer to the decline section. that cleared around 6:00 and never really cause a major back up. the accident is gone but usually between 6 and 7 is when we see a heavier volume of traffic on 92 heading across the san mateo bridge. what you're seeing now is regular commute traffic. drive times are not bad and it will only take you about 50 minutes from hayward towards foster city. overall it is still a good ride across the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge is a different story, the we had an accident a hit and run crash. traffic is backed up towards the 880 over cross. give yourself a lot of extra time headed into the city. it is a slow ride at the
6:53 am
anne klein headed towards treasure island. the golden gate has been a trouble-free ride, 21 minutes from about into san francisco. traffic maps show loup normal commute traffic coming from tracy. give yourself extra time from westbound 582 to 05 merging on to west five but to livermore. a trouble spot in oakland with an injury accident involving a down that pedestrian on the off ramp was down 580. that accident cleared in the back ramp is back open and traffic is doing just fine. >> we will take a quick break and we come back we will have the golden globe nominees for you open. there announced earlier this morning. also dr. phil there is right after the kron4
6:54 am
morning news at 10:00 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> the time is 656 and recent storms and a drop in temperature and has cost norstar to open their entire mountain skiing. you could see all the snow on the ground. this is the first time this season that skiers can skeat top to bottom on both the front and back side of the mom.mountain. >> new this morning the nominees are revealed for the 70th annual golden globe awards. lincoln leads the pack with seven nods including best drama, best director and nominations for daniel day lewis, sally field and tommy lee jones.
6:58 am
argo got five nominations as well as the jane doe and chained. other nominees are live of high and zero dark 30. the golden globes will be held january 13th with comediennes tina say and amy polar posting. stella had at 7:00 a richmond city employees blowing the whistle on the assistant city manager alleging she is running a private business using city resources. it is a story you only see on kron4. the warriors giving basketball fans and the bay area something to be really excited about. we will have
6:59 am
more on the big sucking wind and gary at 745. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.


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